Cancellation Policy 2018 

In the event of inclement weather the people of Grace are asked to use their own best judgement in regards to attending worship or an activity at church.
  • Leaders of any activity (i.e. Bible Study, Bells, Choir, United Methodist Women, Youth Group, Soup Kitchen, etc.) are responsible for making the decision to cancel their activity and to let their people know in a timely manner. The church office should also be contacted.
  • Pastor Gary, with input from other church leaders, will make the decision to cancel worship events. When in doubt, people are asked to:
    • Check the Grace website.
    • Check Grace‚Äôs Facebook page
    • Check email, if on the prayer chain or e-grace mailing list
    • Call Pastor Pastor Gary Liker, Laurie Prinsen or Brad Wallace. During office hours call 218-568-5755.