Online Worship FAQ

Why does the worship video stop?
When an online video stops while it’s playing that is called buffering. Videos buffer slowly for lots of different reasons including; your home’s internet speed, your computer’s speed, if you have background programs running while you are trying to play a video, etc. Also right now, the internet is being used by more people, more frequently, than ever. Sometimes when there is a lot of traffic on the internet, videos buffer dramatically slower.
What can I do when the video stops?
  • Quit any games and applications that may be running in the background
  • Pause the video to allow a larger buffer
  • Go back ten seconds to allow the video to catch up, or to increase the buffer
  • Try watching the video via vimeo. We will start adding worship videos to vimeo as an alternative for viewing. There will be a vimeo-link above the week’s worship video on “Worship Online” page. 
How can I hear the service better?
We are continuing to try and improve the sound quality. It is an evolving process as we continue to integrate new technology. You can also improve the sound quality from your computer. Computer speakers, especially laptop speakers, are generally poor quality. Using higher quality speakers or earbuds/headphones may help. You could also watch the service through your TV using a TV streaming platform (like Fire TV) or a HDMI cable connected to your computer.
Can I download the service?
You can now download Grace worship videos. Click on the downward arrow to download the video to your computer. Be prepared for the videos to take a bit of time to download. They are larger files.